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santa barbara wedding location.Santa Barbara Wedding Location
There are many places in Santa Barbara to have a wedding. There are several churches that are open to non-members to have weddings. Some of these are: First United Methodist Church, United Church of Santa Barbara, and First Presbyterian. If you want to be married in a church but are not a member, you can call the church and ask if they allow it. Many of the churches will already have a Santa Barbara wedding minister so you will not have to search very hard to find one. Many people also choose a city park as their Santa Barbara wedding site.

There are over 25 area parks and many of them have flowers and views that will make your wedding look nice. The Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens is one of the more unique places to have your wedding. If you have a wedding coordinator or event planner she/he will be able to help you locate the best place for your wedding. Friends and family who have recently been married or recently attending a wedding in Santa Barbara, CA will also be able to provide you with a list of places. If you have never been to the place before you should preview it before you decide to make it the location for your wedding ceremony.

Beachside Weddings in Santa Barbara
beach weddings in santa barbara.Many people choose to have beach weddings in Santa Barbara. The rushing waves and along the shoreline of sand adds a romantic touch to any wedding. Beach weddings require a permit with special authorization for alcoholic beverages or fire (via candles or torches). If you have a wedding planner, you can inquire about a Santa Barbara wedding package for your beach wedding. Destination Santa Barbara offers packages as well. They also have packages for elopements as well. You can view their offerings on their website. California Coast Weddings can also help you plan your beachside elopement. Santa Barbara beach weddings are a romantic way to exchange vows. One of the good things about beach weddings is that they do not require as much decoration as a wedding inside of a building. The beach surroundings provide enough décor.
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