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northern california wedding location. Interesting locations for a California wedding
Northern California is a great place to plan a beautiful wedding. Deciding on which picturesque back drop to stand in front of in the many hundreds of locations in California there is to get married can be challenging. Your largest task will be to choose which kind of scenery you like, whether it is a beach, a dessert back drop, state park, or even the red wood forest. Northern California has a variety of wedding venues which are reasonably priced whether you want a traditional style wedding or you’re deciding to elope. Take the time to explore your options for a California wedding, you won’t be disappointed!

Northern California Wedding facilities
There are many beaches in California to give your special day a light breeze and a touch of sun adding the all important romance factor. Places like Crystal Cove State Park located in Orange County where the rich and famous reside offer gorgeous scenery which is an luxurious back drop for any wedding day. If you’re looking for a beach back drop for an intimate flare of romance with aqua waves the beautiful Sonoma Coast offers such sights that will awe your guest and surely bring your memories for a lifetime.

Northern California
wedding venues in northern california. If your more into the style of getting married in a historic church then you should check out Northern State Park which lies deep in the heart of Coloma and is a favorite wedding venue for many folk which has participated in part of Coloma’s popularity for weddings because of its out door weddings and receptions, also available is indoor venues perfect for any style wedding. Marshal Gold Discovery features two historic churches full of culture and tradition to charm everyone in your wedding party or on your guest list. Pacific Groves Asilomer beach and conference grounds, or Monterey bay, are just two of the many beach venues that rival this romantic locale. Many people are drawn to Northern California because of its natural beauty and many attractions. No matter which destination in Northern California it would be hard to go wrong.

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